The Nordic Spirit Soccer Club began in 1986. The Nordic Soccer Club is governed by the Nordic Board and current President, Brian Monaghan. Currently, the Nordic Soccer Club has grown to twenty-five boys’ and girls’ teams. Parents are provided with a parent manual detailing the operation and expectations of the Nordic Soccer Club. The Nordic Soccer club is a Premier Level Club dedicated to cultivating exceptional players and providing them with the opportunity to excel. Towards this end, the Nordic Soccer Club is dedicated to providing excellent coaching and high level competition.

The Nordic Soccer Club operates three 6 week indoor soccer sessions, November through April each year. In addition to participation by the Nordic Soccer Club teams, league play is open to the public, with an assortment of senior, high school, youth and coed leagues. Approximately 120 teams play in each session. The indoor center also conducts Junior Academies for children ages 5-12, averaging 100 children per session. The late spring and sumer months are dedicated to the Nordic Club teams as they prepare for and compete in an array of tournaments and competitions

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